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Too long by at least pages ; reader must follow the author down whatever tangent or detail occurs to her, with very little distinction between what's relevant and what's not. One of the later chapters actually opens with the sentence "Things kept happening. I get Too long by at least pages ; reader must follow the author down whatever tangent or detail occurs to her, with very little distinction between what's relevant and what's not.

'I've mapped child murders since my stepfather killed two girls'

I get why the author is determined to hunt down every detail, but the result is surprisingly dull -- we get swamped under with info; I wound up skimming huge chunks of it. I hope the case is someday solved, but it seems very unlikely. View 2 comments.

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Mar 23, jv poore rated it really liked it Shelves: own-it , crime , non-fiction. It is clear that Ms. Lowry researched and wrote this book with the singular, selfless goal of uncovering the truth behind the horrific murders. While she focuses on facts, having chosen her words meticulously, there's no hiding her real and relentless determination to portray each person honestly.

Couple charged with murder; they have been in remand since June 2018 for unrelated offences

It's evident that she makes every effort to present the case as transparently as possible, balancing that with various theories and opinions. The matter-of-fact, yet warm tone evokes every emotion. Thi It is clear that Ms. This book has rattled my core and opened another door in my mind. A riveting true crime thriller I could not put down. At all. Jul 04, Brooke Brooke's Books and Brews rated it it was amazing. The author was respectful and, while the horrendous crimes are mentioned, she focused more on the girls lives when they were alive.

I think that because the author has experienced her own tragedy with the loss of her son and the unsolved case of his hit-and-run that she was able to approach it in a different way. The book gives background on the girls who became victims, what Austin was like at the time, and the police investigation into the crimes.

Cold Case: The Yogurt Shop Murders

The reader sees the eye witness testimonies as the detectives try to piece together what really happened that night. There are frustratingly multiple situations that could have occurred but the police will never know for sure. In fact, a good portion of the book focuses on the investigative procedures and interrogation methods that were used by the Austin Police Department. I find it terrifying and mind boggling that the detectives were able to coax false confessions from men who were never even at the Yogurt Shop to begin with.

I hope that this book brings new attention to the cold case and the detectives find a renewed drive to find the people that did this and put them behind bars. View 1 comment. Apr 28, Kris - My Novelesque Life rated it liked it. I have also been following this case on 48 Hours: Mystery so I was interested to see what Lowry's thought in the case were. The Case: Four young teens, two being sisters and one girl was just 13, were brutally murdered and then set on fire. This took place in Austin, Texas in The brutality of the crime shook Austin, but the young ages of the victims just about broke everyone on the case.

While this case has continually been active, no one has been convicted as of yet. Lowry provides the entirety of the case from to present day. We learn about the victims, the families, the investigators and the suspects.

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The Verdict: Maybe I already know too much about this case but I found it too dense and stretched out. I think this book could have been better edited - at least a hundred pages less. Lowry's past book was more about the people and the emotions. In this book, we get more facts and descriptions.

Lowry still has that literary style of writing that aided me in finishing the book. I almost gave up halfway through because I was finding myself skimming some pages that seemed redundant. Still, I did find the book interesting as I wanted to know more about this case. I do hope this case gets solved someday Dec 05, Andrea rated it it was ok. I was extremely disappointed by this book. My hopes were high. The case has everything that draws me to true crime: a unique crime scene, red herrings, questionable police work, legal drama, and possible likely wrongful conviction.

But this book was boring. The author took an interesting case and added about pages of irrelevant tangents until it dulled substantially. And again when other weather phenomena were described in I was extremely disappointed by this book. And again when other weather phenomena were described in detail as well as personified. I did enjoy the blow by blow of the court room happenings, however.

But as an attorney, I probably understood the significance of various rulings more than the typical reader. Ultimately, I thought there was a lot of overly-wordy writerly flourish. Maybe it's just my taste, but there was too much exposition before any real discussion of events.

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Feb 14, Christy rated it liked it. I had never heard of these murders until I picked up this book. Very sad, very brutal in my opinion. At the same time I feel it could of been a bit shorter. The flip flopping in the beginning confused me at first. The fact that they almost put four boys away for a murder they didn't commit What happened to those girls was horrific and I hope they one day find who did this. Aug 29, Amy Decker rated it liked it. Very confusing.

I think that the author could've shortened the book--especially the court sequences.

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But you have to be patient, for the story world Lowry recreates is initially--and deliberately, artfully, confoundingly--as confusing as the real world she must represent. And every bit as ugly, too.

So you'd better bring a strong stomach to this book, as well as patience. There is nothing pretty about it, on any level, in any dimension. The brutal murders of four young girls remain unsolved to this day. In this book, begun in and published in , Lowry takes us through the labyrinthine case, from the grisly discovery through the exhausting and botched investigations to the arrest of four young men, the conviction of two, and the reversals of those convictions. In the seven long years of research and writing, she grew intimate enough with the families to be able to show us the exhausting effects of decades of grief and uncertainty; close enough to the cops to see and reveal their compulsive need to "solve" this case; and near enough to the politics of the judicial system to show its existential and terrifying failures.

This is the best we can do in this world, Lowry says.

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Live with it. We have no other choice. Factual, objective yet compassionate, eloquently voiced, Who Killed These Girls offers us everything we can ask from true crime. It is tragedy in the truest, most classical sense, and masterful.

Who Killed The Girls? Who Killed The Girls?
Who Killed The Girls? Who Killed The Girls?
Who Killed The Girls? Who Killed The Girls?
Who Killed The Girls? Who Killed The Girls?
Who Killed The Girls? Who Killed The Girls?
Who Killed The Girls? Who Killed The Girls?

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