The Cottage of Delight A Novel

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Readers will love this story of two unforgettable women—one reeling from an unexpected tragedy, the other drawn into a daring and passionate new love. And you feel if you could visit the Lowcountry they would be there waiting.

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As we revisit The Beach House we are immersed in the heartbeat and pulse of her South Carolina Lowcountry as never before. The story reveals its secrets with shorebirds and human hearts at the center of its graceful axis. Read full praise. Small and yellow, it blended in with the waves of sweetgrass and sea oats and the delicate yellow prim- roses for which the cottage was named.

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For eighty-five years it had endured the fury of hurricanes, the rush of tidal surges, and the ravages of the salt-tinged air. It had withstood the test of time. The beach house was a survivor. Now, seven months after Rudy's unexpected death, Christina reflects on their vibrant bond -- with all its quirks, habits, and unguarded moments -- as well as her passionate sorrow and her attempts to reposition herself and her new place in the very real world they shared. She is married to Adrian Bonner, also a priest, whom some say is a replica of her melancholy father.

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  • During the first three weeks of Advent, , Margaret's marriage, her parish, and her faith are tested by the arrival of two strangers, an old man claiming to be a monk, and a fervent woman evangelist with a God-dictated agenda to save the troubled community of High Balsam.

    A portrait of a dying woman, a charismatic professor of visionary literature, and the people who gather at her bedside as well as an intimate study of two marriages. The young narrator, Margaret Gower, daughter of an Episcopal priest, grapples with the legacy of her runaway mother, her father's cyclic depressions, and her own evolving spiritual life.

    Book Review: The Cottage at Hope Cove by Hannah Ellis

    Godwin has an almost Trollopian eye for the community that revolves around St. Cuthbert's, the parishioners with their quirks and foibles, the vestry with their expectations and demands. A North Carolina family is baffled and heartbroken by the unresolved violent death of a son and brother.

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    The story is told in multiple voices. A Southern Family is an ambitious book that entirely fulfils its ambitions; not merely is it psychologically acute, it is dense with closely observed social and physical detail that in every instance is exactly right.

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    An actress looks back on her fourteenth summer, when she befriended a passionate, tragic woman who introduced her to heightened reality. The Finishing School is a wise contribution to the literature of growing up.

    The story is told from the three points of view of the two daughters one an agitator and the other a conservative and their newly widowed mother at a time filled with turbulence for each protagonist. The wisest, most sensitively balanced novel that I have read about women in the enormous social transitions of our time.

    In this, her first novel since her widely acclaimed The Odd Woman , Gail Godwin gives us the large and moving story of a gifted young woman who refuses to surrender her vision of her greatest self, and how, finally, she makes that vision come true. At 32, Jane Clifford has achieved the professional and economic independence that the Liberated Woman takes for granted.

    Yet as the novel begins, an increasing and ominous sense of her own "oddness" is starting to impinge upon her. This is a cautionary tale, a suspense story about a woman's spirit and the hazard-ridden leap she must make from being the object of someone else's shapely plot to becoming the subject of her own. An eccentric English psychotherapist, his new young American wife, his three-year-old illegitimate son, who never speaks, and a young female patient take themselves off to Majorca for what they hope will be a healing vacation.

    But as it progresses, they find the sun, the sea, the idle hours relaxing their control over their interior derangements.

    The Cottage of Delight A Novel The Cottage of Delight A Novel
    The Cottage of Delight A Novel The Cottage of Delight A Novel
    The Cottage of Delight A Novel The Cottage of Delight A Novel
    The Cottage of Delight A Novel The Cottage of Delight A Novel
    The Cottage of Delight A Novel The Cottage of Delight A Novel
    The Cottage of Delight A Novel The Cottage of Delight A Novel

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