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People love it, and you will too. Pair a hardware keyboard with Slugline for iOS and use your familiar keyboard shortcuts from the Mac version. Home How To Blog. Back Using Slugline Screenwriting Basics. The Simplest Way to Write a Movie Slugline is a simple, elegant app for the most important part of screenwriting: the writing part. Or download the free day trial. On iPhone and iPad Write and edit your screenplay on your iPhone.

Structure as you go. Your Outline is just for you, and disappears when you print — unless you don't want it to. Rebuilt for iOS. Night Writer. Write More, Type Less. Sync Sound. Resurrect Your Darlings. Updated for the Latest iPhones and iPads. Those ostensibly eco-conscious drivers don't need slugs to reach a three-person HOV threshold; hybrid owners in Virginia are eligible for a special clean-fuel license plate that gives them a free pass into the HOV. Some of them will even pay to risk the HOV as a single-occupancy vehicle. He concedes that he's not likely to recoup in minutes saved in the Pentagon parking lot all the hours he has invested in his basement business.

Simply write a movie.

He took on the project after retiring as the president of his homeowners association. RUGoingMyWay has become, in place of that responsibility, something of a personal challenge. Cech's understanding of the psychology of slugging mirrors one of the startling findings of Oliphant's thesis. Oliphant surveyed participants and asked them, among other things, what they liked least about slugging. Only 31 people mentioned "riding with strangers. When safety was cited as a concern, slugs worried about safe drivers, not personal attacks. The homogeneity of Washington's work force may play a role in this casual acceptance of strangers in cars.

With so many federal employees and military personnel, people here even look alike, sporting uniform haircuts, black briefcases and government IDs. You may have been all over the world serving with people whose first names you never knew. Where apprehension does exist, Cech recasts it in oddly bureaucratic terms: "It's not fear for safety; it's fear for time," he says. The casual-carpooling system that thrives across the country in San Francisco betrays any notion that slugging could exist only in Washington. The Bay Area network grew up in similarly organic fashion in the s, although more as a response to public transit service disruptions and rising gas prices.

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Carpools passed through for free — until last summer. On July 1, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission changed the toll structure in a way that dramatically disrupted the local slugging ecosystem. Now, everyone must pay a toll to cross the Bay Bridge. Carpools without the transponder must stop and pay the full rate, in cash, at a toll booth. Local news stations filmed bewildered drivers pulling into the wrong toll lanes and trying to back out of them, then waving cash at automated transponders.

Back in the East Bay commuter lots, where casual carpools form each morning, more confusion ensued. The new tolls still give carpools crossing the bridge a financial incentive, but the existence of any toll at all where once none existed has dislodged a central tenet of slugging: No money changes hands. Without tolls, slugging is a perfectly equal exchange between riders and drivers. Since July 1, the discussion board at ridenow. Should passengers each offer up a dollar?

Does the burden lie with the driver or the rider to broach the issue? Should drivers who expect a donation advertise that in a window sign? The debate has thrust the whole premise of slugging into question: Who, after all, is providing the service here? Transit officials did know, however, that one month after the toll's implementation, carpooling was down 26 percent on all area bridges.

Drivers still earn a discount thanks to the added bodies. And, most important, they still reap the time savings on the HOV. The toll crisis, however, highlights the delicate balance of interests essential for a slugging ecosystem to exist — and why this activity thrives in so few places. In Oliphant's view, HOV-4 — that is, a requirement that a car have four occupants to drive in the high-occupancy vehicle lane — doesn't work, but HOV-3 does.

The lanes, preferably separated by physical barrier from the rest of traffic, must be long enough for time savings to accrue. The fines for violating them must be steep enough to force compliance. Parallel public transit must exist as a reliable backup. And employment nodes must be situated just so, creating dense, communal urban epicenters that draw workers from across suburbia. Back on the East Coast, Gabriel Ortiz, the transportation demand management coordinator for Alexandria, has been trying to do what no municipal official has done in the area's slugging history — create a slug line from scratch, artificially.

Washington's slug lines have expanded over the years, always in response to the demand of the community and with the initiative of some of its members. But slugs have never had a government body create a new line for them, and the proposition entails both logistical and philosophical dilemmas. LeBlanc, whom Ortiz enlisted as a consultant to the project, warned that he would have to achieve just the right balance of drivers and passengers in the experiment's first phase to make the new line stick.

What is a slug?

Downtown Alexandria isn't located immediately off the HOV, as destinations in Arlington and the district are. So Ortiz was toying with the idea of temporary perks, maybe Starbucks gift cards, to incentivize people where slugging's natural conditions don't already exist.

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Once a slug himself, Ortiz knew he'd also have to contend with the community's deep distaste for meddling. Many slugs told Oliphant that they thought any type of intervention — the very idea Oliphant is devoted to encouraging in urban areas outside Washington — would "ruin" the system. Cech points out that there is an irony here, or perhaps just a depressing commentary on the state of government competence: Many of the slugging proponents who abhor government involvement work, well, for the government.

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Chris Hamilton, the Arlington County Commuter Services bureau chief, understands this better than anyone. For 10 years. The site doesn't disclose the connection, and Hamilton seldom does. A model for urban smart growth atop a public transit corridor, the city has 50 people who work in this office trying to prod residents and commuters into alternative transportation. The city promotes the Metro, carpooling, bike lanes and walkable development.

Some officials continue to harbor the suspicion that slugging siphons riders — and fares — from public transit and not from single-occupancy vehicles. But Hamilton says he doesn't care how people get to the city, as long as they don't drive. He also shakes off the suggestion that a city takes on legal liability the moment it encourages people to ride in cars with strangers.

If the city also promotes buses and bike lines, and someone is injured using those, is Arlington at fault?

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This is like a miracle to him, because he has to spend all this time and energy going, 'Here's the bus, here's how you do it! Oliphant always chuckles at slugs' insistence that government stay out of the way. The whole system wouldn't work if it weren't for a crucial official outlay: If law enforcement didn't police the HOV lanes, there would be no incentive for scofflaws to stay out of it, and no time savings for the carpoolers who go so far out of their way to get in.

Government is also responsible for the free, sprawling park-and-ride lots that dot the I corridor, several of which have flyovers directly onto the HOV. Government is, of course, also responsible for designating the carpool lanes. In short, it has had a hand in creating every element of infrastructure that gives rise to slugging in the first place. At the Pentagon and in Arlington, officials have even put up signs for each slug-line destination "Horner Road," "Tackett's Mill". Cerrito jumps into the wagon. The driver panics and slams on his brakes and his bus full of people stalls in the combat zone between Bosko and the wagon.

He runs in among crowds of civilians. He knocks over a man, breaks through.

go here People are screaming, staring, shocked. It spins across the street on steel rims and crashes sideways into a parked car on the east side of Hawthorne. Breedan, like a rag doll is half over into the rear seat and still being hit by more rounds. Bosko and Cop 3 chase Cerrito. People dodge, scream and fall down. Neil — supporting Chris — throws a lady, who was getting out, back into her Olds Cutlass.

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