SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition)

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Get started with Magoosh flashcards. But if you never look up words you can never really confirm how accurate your guesses are. And the more you know and the less you guess, the higher your SAT score. In addition to writing a word down you will also want to see how it is used in context. The importance of understanding how words work in a sentence will help you have a deeper sense of the word, and will make the memory of that word stronger.

Everyday use The more you use these words the better. If you just learn hundreds of words without ever using them, they will eventually evaporate. The key to doing well on the SAT is to make sure vocabulary words stick in your head. Another great way is to describe people you know, celebrities, or even random people using SAT vocabulary.

We all know a friend who is garrulous talkative , a celebrity who is, and a random person walking by as saturnine sand and morose. A creative way to remember SAT vocabulary: storytelling Storytelling is a special form of application. You should be using the words that are already inside your head which means that you already have to be studying vocab. Learning the definition of a word and using it in a poem about your imaginary friend is one thing.

Now, what if I tell you to imagine somebody who always criticizes you I can already picture my high school P. Sounds totally twisted, right?

Now you are far less likely to forget the word. These random, wacky connections are called mnemonics.

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And the best mnemonics are the ones that you come up with. In that case come up with your own.

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And remember — the weirder, the better. Which SAT words mean to criticize or scold? Here you may want to think of lambaste.

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Think of an SAT word and define it. See if you can repeat 10 times. This game also works great with more than one person! Okay, this is kind of geeky, but it can turn you into a vocabulary machine. So challenge him or her and see if you can stump them with a word.

If they are the competitive type then they will probably try to stump you back. You are not challenging it — you are just reading from a list, your eyes glazing over. You are essentially becoming…. So ditch studying directly from a list. I studied like 2, SAT words. So instead of plowing through word lists the way that the X-men character Juggernaut plows through walls juggernaut is an SAT word that means an indestructible force make sure you have strong sense of a word before moving on to new words. Do your best to simplify definitions in your own words.

You want to be a vocab detective by looking up the word in multiple sources and, better yet, looking at example sentences.


Enlist a little brother or sister to quiz you on flashcards. Outsmart the older sibling back from college for a week with words like pusillanimous and infinitesimal. Parents can sometimes be a great resource. Often they will surprise you with the number of SAT words they know. Get other people involved in your vocab-learning endeavor. This is a good list to really gauge how much you know.

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For those looking to score above , make sure to know all these words. Also, make sure that you understand how SAT Vocab is tested. Below is a Sentence Completion that tests your knowledge of the words below. The answer is at the bottom of the page, so be sure to cover it up before trying your hand at the question! See if you know the difference between the words below. Loathe vs. Loath The first word is the most common one, as in: I loathe you—you ate all my yummy chocolates.

To be loath is to be reluctant. He was loath to study for the SAT, but realized his future was at stake. Indigent vs. It can also work as a noun: The indigents down by the railroad tracks slept in soggy cardboard boxes. Despite what many believe, the kiwi is not a fruit indigenous to New Zealand but was originally grown in China.

Discrete vs. This word is more commonly used than discrete. The student discreetly raised her hand and asked softly whether she could leave to use the restroom. Extant vs. Deter vs. Indignant vs. Nope, these two words are actually different from indigent and indigenous found above. Simply memorize them. Oh, and indignity means treatment that takes away your dignity. Vindicate vs.

Vindictive Out for revenge, and going to get it no matter what? Well, you are vindictive. If you simply want to clear your name from false charges, then you want to vindicate yourself. An assumed murderer who has claimed is innocence all these years and who is finally found to be innocent based on DNA evidence?

An actual murder who wanted revenge? Unconscious vs. Unconscionable means totally unreasonable. It is usually used to describe an action, and carries a negative connotation. That he would steal from the very firm that had paid him such a generous salary was unconscionable. Fastidious vs. Facetious To be fastidious is to be nitpicky — everything has to be in order or you are going to say something.

Perhaps, you find your English teacher fastidious because he or she is always finding grammatical errors. Demure vs. Demur If you are shy and modest, you are demure. For whatever reason, this word applies only to women.

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Calling a guy demure may have unintended implications. Indeed, this guy may very well demur, or object to you calling him a word that is usually reserved for the fairer sex. Interestingly, demur is a verb and in noun form it becomes demurral, which is basically an objection. When working on Sentence Completions in SAT Reading, you should always keep from looking at the answer choices until you have your own word in mind. It takes a little bit of conditioning and willpower to stop your eyes from roaming all over the page.

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Definitely make sure you know the most common SAT words. So instead of leaving yourself open to wrong answers, you have to build up a little bit of armor — that is, the word or words you choose to fill in the blanks. Anticipating the answer can save you time Besides guarding you against wrong answers, guessing what the word is before seeing answer choices can make the process go much faster. Just keep in mind that guessing on the SAT is a delicate balance. Speaking of which … And you know what? Forget the answer choices. So what goes in the blank?

SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition) SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition)
SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition) SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition)
SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition) SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition)
SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition) SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition)
SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition) SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (700+ Words & Definition)

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