In a Forest, Dark and Deep

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Bobby and Betty are in her cabin in the woods on a stormy night clearing out the possessions of the previous tenant. Although tied by blood, the twosome is about as distant from one another as it's possible to be.

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She is the snippy dean of a liberal arts college, while he is a carpenter -- determinedly blue collar with the thick, grey-flecked beard to prove it. Feuding is what they do best. The play, like the lightning that flashes outside the cabin window, contains intermittent flashes of excitement as the siblings spar.

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But in this cabin of lies nothing is as it seems and the truth refuses to be packed away. What is she hiding? Does he really want to find out? In A Forest, Dark And Deep is a dark journey into sibling rivalry escalating into a psychological thriller bursting with savage conflict. Chicago Tribune - Somewhat Recommended. It's a much bigger space than the other theater up the street and it will take time for Profiles to adjust.

At this juncture, the show is insufficiently enveloping, and full-on environmental impact needs to remain one of Profiles greatest strengths. Lowe, a genteel actress with a powerful sting, is well cast here and she's aptly irritating and yet empathetic.

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LaBute knows where the bodies are buried with female characters of this type and he needles his way under Betty's polished surface, as he does so well. Chicago Sun Times - Somewhat Recommended. This is the subject of the best writing in the play, and Lowe, who recently played a memorable Blanche DuBois, gives it her all.

Windy City Times - Somewhat Recommended. This locked-room drama could easily be played as a British-style thriller, all twitchy silences and sideways glances, but without Darrell W. Talkin Broadway - Recommended.

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Making Betty and Bobby a brother and sister suggests our common humanity. It's a valid argument that he makes clearly, if more intellectually than viscerally.

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  2. Profiles explores psychological shadows as LaBute drops siblings in deep, dark woods!
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  5. Between his unraveling of the mystery and establishing what he can of the characters, it's a lot to do in ninety minutes. Centerstage - Somewhat Recommended.

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    • In a Forest, Dark and Deep.

    Time Out Chicago - Somewhat Recommended. Chicago On the Aisle - Highly Recommended. Stage and Cinema - Recommended. Together the duo gives the spectators a feast of high intensity and high decibel acting. So patrons who can accept In a Forest, Dark and Deep as a showcase for two volcanic performances should enjoy an entertaining evening.

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    Splash Magazine - Somewhat Recommended. Cox as Bobby. Cox is a tremendous presence throughout the play and, when he is not prowling the stage with seething anger, is able to guilt and needle better than my Jewish grandmother. His counterpart, Natasha Lowe, however is less believable as his sister. Although she does a great job with hysterical and desperate, she is less convincing in transitions and does not make a believable liar.

    ChicagoCritic - Recommended. This 90 minute dark mystery unravels in tortured conflict that will surprise you as your loyalties shift from brother to sister and back again.

    In a Forest Dark and Deep

    Will the truth really set anyone free? See this show and you be the judge.

    Sibiu International Theatre Festival Office. Theatre Two brothers marked by a dysfunctional relationship are reunited after a long time.

    Divine Divinity - "A Forest Dark and Deep"

    What should have been a simple emptying of a house to be rented becomes a war in its entirety, an indictment of failures.

    In a Forest, Dark and Deep In a Forest, Dark and Deep
    In a Forest, Dark and Deep In a Forest, Dark and Deep
    In a Forest, Dark and Deep In a Forest, Dark and Deep
    In a Forest, Dark and Deep In a Forest, Dark and Deep
    In a Forest, Dark and Deep In a Forest, Dark and Deep
    In a Forest, Dark and Deep In a Forest, Dark and Deep
    In a Forest, Dark and Deep In a Forest, Dark and Deep
    In a Forest, Dark and Deep In a Forest, Dark and Deep

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