Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance)

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I love this chart. There is a lot of cross over right now with ParaRomance being a huge seller. Thank you! I agree there is a ton of crossover in appeal. The marketing cover, blurb, etc. I end up trying a lot of series on for size. This is brilliant! I love the idea of a spreadsheet on fantasy fiction — what a way to bring it down to earth. I could have a few heated debates on where some series fall, but I would just say that it seems the male authors are a bit shy of expressing their warm and fuzzy feelings — most are firmly in the bottom right corner keeping well away from romance!

I started this as a spreadsheet and had SUCH a hard time figuring where to put some series. So my compromise was to have some friends and colleagues who read these genres also contribute where they think a book falls. And yes, I think in all genres it is more likely for a woman to include a love story element into her plots.

The women in the books on the far bottom right books by dudes are more likely to be dead or rescue bait. But there are some good female characters there too, just no emphasis on romantic entanglements yet. Thanks for the comment! It is often very difficult to figure out where to put some of these books. Publishers and readers often have different definitions of romance. I absolutely love this! It looks great. And so handy for giving reading recommendations. Thank you so much!

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Your article was fascinating as well. You make a great point about the serial and adaptive nature of these books. These long series, sort of like episodic TV in a lot of ways, have an opportunity to tell lots of different types of stories, dabbling in other genres and story styles. Great Idea very helpful. My reading preferences lean towards urban fantasy not paranormal romance. I really like the Harry Dresden and Felix Castor books- no romance. Also liked the other world books by Kelly Armstong — some romance.

But I read the Anita Blake books. They started as paranormal fantasy then more why beyond romance all the the to paranormal erotica.

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Not really what I wanted. Thanks, Scott! I think she is now more popular in general, but it seemed like a switcheroo. Usually when I recommend urban fantasy without the romance, my go to author is Jim Butcher, whom you also seem to like have you tried the audiobooks? Happy reading! Your email address will not be published.

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The main pair in Cry Wolf are both werewolves. It tells the story of Anna, a rare and valued Omega wolf, and Charles, the feared enforcer and son of the leader of the North American werewolves. Anna comes from an extremely traumatic life as an often-abused member of the pack that took her. The series starts with the pair embarking on a search for a rogue wolf powerful in dark magic.

Looking for a historical shifter romance to check all your boxes? Alexia Tarabotti has no soul, is a spinster, and the first book in this five-book series begins with her being attacked by a vampire. How rude!

Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance) Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance)
Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance) Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance)
Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance) Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance)
Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance) Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance)
Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance) Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance)
Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance) Ilonas Wolf: (Steamy Fantasy Romance)

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