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For those new to this website, please read on. Did you know that:.

I Want to Know

Note: If you are already aware of these cover-ups, visit our page which will take you even deeper. And for an amazing online book connecting all the dots using reliable sources, read Lifting the Veil. You can also explore a list arranged by category with links to excerpts of the most revealing major media articles ever published covering a wide variety of fascinating and vital topics.

If the above facts were reported in headline news where they belong, concerned citizens would be astounded and demand to know more. This has not happened, which is why this website was created. The verifiable information presented here may disturb you.

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It may even change the way you look at the world. Yet we invite you to see this as a powerful opportunity for building a brighter future. By sharing this vital information with your friends and colleagues, you can play a key role in restoring a true democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people. We encourage you to be skeptical in exploring this information.

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Some of what you read may at first seem quite unbelievable. Yet we also encourage you to keep an open mind and do research using the links to the reliable sources provided to determine for yourself whether there is truth to the information provided. The powerful information presented here is a wake-up call.

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It is a call to move beyond complacency and apathy to focus on our deeper purpose in life and on creating the world we want to live in. It is a call for each of us to focus on moving from fear to love. If we want to make this world a better place, understanding what's happening behind the scenes is vitally important. By exploring the reliable, verifiable information provided here and spreading it far and wide, each one of us can make a difference.

Many don't want to know about the dark side of our world. Feeling secure and content in their personal lives, they choose to avoid matters which might disturb them. Yet as long as we choose complacency over awareness, these major cover-ups will continue.

Notes and observations

In fact, they will likely fester and grow in magnitude until people are finally forced to open their eyes and deal with the consequences. The sooner each of us decides that we do want to know, and that we are willing to invite others to open their eyes, the more easily we will be able to build a world that supports us.

‘This is not some put a ribbon on it, bygones be bygones ending, OK?’

By facing our fears, both individual and collective , we can transform our lives and world for the better. As some of the material here can be difficult to digest, we invite you to explore this website at a pace that is appropriate for you. If you find yourself feeling upset or overwhelmed , consider taking a break and enjoying some of the great inspirational articles and resources provided to keep things in perspective. The EU works to improve the lives of many children and to protect vulnerable kids.


You can learn more about your own rights through games, videos and cartoons from:. About this website Data Protection Top.

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I Want to Know I Want to Know
I Want to Know I Want to Know
I Want to Know I Want to Know
I Want to Know I Want to Know
I Want to Know I Want to Know
I Want to Know I Want to Know
I Want to Know I Want to Know

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