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XVIII XIX XX XXI XXII XXIII XXIV XXV In a night of passion and so much more they both go away with their hearts changed without even knowing each other's names. Years later they meet again as older, mature women with so much more weighing on them than before. Still, the heart wants what the heart wants and these two are destined to be so much more than "just friends".

Kara and Lena have a chance meeting six years prior to their famous first interview. In her first few months of being on Earth, Kara had come to the conclusion that she loved the open countryside the most. The endless rolling hills and the fields of corn yellow and softy grassy green.

She loved the forests with trees as high as the skies for her to climb and jump between. Though she had been grounded for many years since her arrival on Earth, climbing to the tops of the tallest trees and staring out at the land around often felt as though she were back in the air again. Living in Midvale with her adoptive parents and sister was a simple life. She had grown and adapted to the initially strange new world around her. Her first steps had been tentative and measured as she tried to rein in her new found powers. Every touch had taken focus and every movement had to be slow and steady.

Adapting had been difficult, frustrating and painful. The constant reminder that all she was doing, the new life and home was all because Krypton, her home planet, was destroyed.

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The horrific sight of flaming red as her home, family and entire life blew up before her adolescent eyes. It was an image that still burned in her mind even now, the pain still as bright as ever. But she was had found love on earth in her new family and in Kal-El, now Clark. Clark had been her anchor for so long, sharing in her sorrow and helping her gain control powers that could devastate a nation if used incorrectly. Her new parents, Jerimiah and Eliza had done all they could to help Kara develop her abilities and control them.

And yet, as she sat silently on the withering wood of the old farm fence, her legs ached to run free and fast across the fields and jump high into the air and fly far, far away. It was the summer and Kara had come to stay with Clark for a few weeks. National City was packed with life and noise, something that had greatly overwhelmed her at first.

Alex, her sister, had practically forced her from their shared home, away from her summer studies, to the quiet town of Smallville to stay with Clark. Kara in turn had tackled in to the ground, their laughter filling up the calm atmosphere of the old farm. The last two weeks had been filled with farm chores and relaxing.

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Kara relished in the physically labour, exercising her immense strength and speed under the watchful eye of Clark. Kara liked Lois a lot and wished she could find someone to love the way Clark loved Lois. She turned her head to look back the farm house, her glasses reflecting the bright afternoon sun. She could see Clark tinkering with the tractor out in front of the barn. Lois was due to come back from Metropolis later that night. She watched him for a while, swinging her leg over the fence as to straddle it.

She wore a simple white t-shirt and jeans. Her feet were bare and free, digging into the wood of the fence. The days had begun to drag by as less and less new opportunities presented themselves around the farm and Smallville. Turning back to look at out the field, a mischievous smile graced her lips as she slid from the fence with ease and down onto the dry earth below. Glancing back at Clark, who was now beneath the tractor, she slowly walked out into the field.

Kara took her time, brushing her hands across the high wheat growing around her, as she walked into the field. Gradually she broke into a gentle jog, picking up the pace with each step. Her feet hit the ground at a steady rhythm, foot prints following behind her. She took a deep breath in, smelling the sweet air around her before letting out a gleeful whoop and super speeding away from the farm and across the endless field ahead.

Kara zipped across the land in a blur, relishing the cool summer air rushing against her skin.

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Her mind went blank as she gave into the freedom of running. As she neared the end of another field she made a sharp turn back towards the farm. Testing her limits, she leapt into the air like a graceful dear. A metre at first, then five then ten. With little effort she bounding up and down in the air as high as the surrounding trees, blonde hair whipping in the wind as she briefly soared across the sky. The farm was in sight once more as she landed and carried on running towards it.

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In one graceful movement she came to a stop right in front of the same wooden fence as before only this time it had gained a new occupant. Clark grinned at as she smiled sheepishly. Clark chuckled, slinging his arm around her shoulders. Kara looked up to see Lois waving at them, her shiny new city car parked just ahead of them.

She rushed off into the kitchen, pawing through the bags. Lois and Clark followed in behind her, amused smiles on their faces. Clark rolled his eyes again as the two girls giggled. Metropolis was completely different from National City. The whole city was so large and daunting with people of all kinds trapesing up and down the busy streets.

Kara stuck close to Lois that weekend, taking in the different culture around her. The Daily Planet was incredible. Kara was struck by it the moment the building had come into sight.

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Hers eyes had been glued to the slowly rotating golden planet a top of the building the whole time as they walked inside. Lois had shifted effortlessly into power mode as they stepped inside. Everyone wanted to talk to her as they charged through the halls. Lois spared very few of them a minute as she toured Kara around the building. Kara patiently waited for Lois to return at the desk, observing the frantic behaviour of the reporters around her.

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  • No one could sit still and new news came in every minute. People flung themselves from their desks every time an imposing older man appeared. He wore a shirt and vest and barked orders at everyone. Lois soon reappeared and the yelling man approached them. Kara was bewildered his behaviour, puzzled by whether he was actually angry about something. Lois grinned at her while Mr White just grunted and walked away. She chuckled, turning back to her desk and picking up some papers.

    Lois led the way out of the building, once again passing past seemingly hundreds of people eager to talk to her. The only person who appeared less than thrilled by her presence was a blonde woman in killer heels and clothes that probably cost Kara entire college tuition. She glared at Lois coldly and only spared Kara one curious glance before re-engaging in a heated conversation with Mr White.

    Lois introduced Kara to several different restaurants before they settled on a cute coffee shop for lunch. Kara listened with rapt attention the whole time, inspired by everything Lois had to say. After lunch they hit the shops in search of outfits for the gala. Lois spoke coolly of the Luthors, mentioning only that missing their gala would be a waste.

    Despite the animosity between her family and Luthors, Kara was giddy over the prospect of attending her fast gala. Kara selected a more modest sunshine yellow dress that came down to just above her knees. Lois commented saying the colour was an embodiment of her personality.

    The gala was being held at the Metropolis Museum of Art, an older building with steep steps leading up to the entrance. A red carpet coated the stone steps as the guests clambered up. Men in black suits lined the entrances, all of them poised for action. Kara wondered if Clark was nearby in case of any real danger.


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    The gala was being held in the museums largest art wing, everything else was off limits. The room was a vast expanse of space and yet every inch seemed to be taken up with glamorously dressed people. Lois immediately began spotting people she needed to talk to and whisked Kara through the crowd. Kara began to realise what whiplash must feel like as they went from person to person. Away from the mass of people Kara felt like she could breathe again. She poured herself and drink and sighed. Beside her was a young girl with beautiful dark hair. Kara guessed her to be the same age as her, give or a take a year or so.

    Her body curved in all the right places and she possessed noticeable muscle along her calves and back. She wore a form fitting, open back blue dress that hugged her thighs. Kara felt her face heat up by simply looking at the goddess beside her and busied herself with the drinks. Her suddenly flustered behaviour drew the attention of the young girl, who turned to look at her. Lois had convinced the kryptonian to let her hair down tonight, before metaphorically and literally.

    Her soft blonde waves cascaded down her back and over her shoulders.

    I Am Hers I Am Hers
    I Am Hers I Am Hers
    I Am Hers I Am Hers
    I Am Hers I Am Hers
    I Am Hers I Am Hers
    I Am Hers I Am Hers
    I Am Hers I Am Hers
    I Am Hers I Am Hers

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