Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights

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1. Research About Freelance Writing

The Complete Guide to Getting Started Freelance Writing From Scratch

Does a link or button set the right expectation for an app user? Is the copy on a web page put together with a hierarchy of information that makes it easy for a visitor to quickly learn what they want to? A lead generation writer has a laser focus on driving action. They generally understand selling methodologies and know how to synthesize objections and barriers to sales — turning them into copy that that helps potential customers move closer to a sale.

A subject matter expert is exactly what it sounds like — someone who has a deep understanding of your industry and can write with authority about it. True subject matter experts are harder to find than a generalist. And this combination of low supply and higher expertise leads to higher rates than generalists. For starters, a subject matter expert can save you some time on briefing and making your own experts available, especially for more niche subjects. The biggest advantage of using an influencer is their built-in audience. Whether the content is ultimately posted to your properties or theirs, your influencer helps put the content in front of more and different people that you might not have reached otherwise.

And some influencers double up and function as subject matter experts if they play in a particular niche or industry. Some influencers May even have existing relationships that make it easier to get earned placements with publishers. So use influencer writers when you need to take advantage of their built-in content amplification abilities. Social media writers know how and when to use hashtags, links, questions, polls, provocative statements and much more. They also typically know how to manage multi-touch content journeys, since the conversations that start on social often lead to content on other media, like company websites, community forums, contests, etc.

Good social media writers also know the ins and outs of how often you can post, best posting time for different social networks to maximize interactions and how to turn all that into calendar-grade plans. Social media writers can be a smart way to get more mileage out of your content by repurposing it into snackable social content.

Social media posts and social media graphics are their most common assignments. Advertising copywriters are used to working in media where space and time are at a premium, and they are skilled at condensing ideas down into short, powerful messages. Advertising copywriters are also adept at finding unique angles on familiar subjects. Need to establish or meticulously maintain brand voice? An advertising copywriter is perfect suited for the task. Aside from traditional media print, TV, radio, billboards, etc , you can also use them anywhere else you need to keep copy short and powerful, like online advertising, landing pages — even home pages.

Good technical writers are thorough, detail-oriented, methodical and efficient, but balance that with the needs of their often non-technical audiences. Grant writing is a highly specific job with some unique requirements. Not only do grant writers tell stories and convince their audience, but they mix the rational and the emotional in very structured ways.

Good grant writers are organized and detail-oriented, since their deliverable has to meet specific requirements of the grant-awarding organization — often down to formatting. Not to mention, they have to be prompt, since grant applications almost always have hard submission deadlines. Grant writers are experts at capturing the essence of these things and weaving them into a proposal. Be the first to hear about our latest features, articles, interviews and studies. We heard you loud and clear. You will get a confirmation in your inbox soon.

Getting your CTA right can be tricky. Spoiler alert: Your site or social channels probably are making at least one of these content no-nos. Get ready to facepalm. Not so fast. Don't know what type of writer you need? Take a quiz to determine which of the 10 most common writers is the best match for you. Take our quiz! Brand journalist Journalistic-style writers are skilled at longer-form pieces and interviewing subjects. Conversion rate optimization or lead generation writers are perfect for tasks like: Online pay-per-click PPC ads Web banner ads Landing pages Calls to action Sales letters 5.

Subject matter expert A subject matter expert is exactly what it sounds like — someone who has a deep understanding of your industry and can write with authority about it. Researching and consolidating information from around the web - Get the facts to help inform your content.

I have an extensive online portfolio of work, showing my freelance writing expertise sorted by type and topic.

How to Survive the Business Side of Freelance Blogging

You can view my entire portfolio above or see my latest work below. A good productivity system lets you use the effort you could have spent worrying about your tasks on actually getting those tasks completed. An article explaining the new advances in screening, diagnosis, medicine and treatment that will create a future of personalized therapies for patients suffering from cancer. An explanation of why interoperability between healthcare systems is vital to getting the right medical information to the right people in the right way at the right time.

A straightforward, well-researched tutorial on how to create a strong freelance portfolio website including outlining and planning, the pages you need, technology, benefits, branding, and testing. A product description for the Malibu, a beautiful log home designed for entertaining, family gatherings, and outdoor living. A complete guide to negotiating with car dealers to get a better price when you're buying a new car. It explores what you can do to help you negotiate the best price on a new car, all without you having to grit your teeth through the process.

A detailed look at the fees and functions of the biggest three eCommerce providers. Includes detailed research on how much the various platforms charge. An in-depth, 60 page ebook all about how to write a high-quality "Request For Proposal" for project managers to ensure they get good responses from software design agencies and developers. How do you enhance your customer service and support functions to make them as good as they can be? One way is through developing support "personas" for different types of customers.

Your content has to provide real value to people and give them something back. A clear and simple guide on how to build and maintain trust with your customers and enhance their relationships with your business. How to use apps to shape the customer journey, avoid bad reviews, and build trust with your audience. Includes reviews of apps for every part of the customer experience.

I research and write on many different areas, but specialize in business, entrepreneurship, finance, freelancing, technology, software as a service, project management, productivity, and health. Learn about how I can help you. He reliably meets deadlines and communicates regularly throughout the course of a project. While many writers need a bit of cajoling to move past the blog post paradigm and create spectacularly in-depth, comprehensive content, Paul always delivers more than I expect.

If you're looking for a writer, I highly recommend you hire Paul - as long as you leave some availability for me!

How to Hire Top Creative Writers

From the beginning, Paul immersed himself in the subject matter and made thoughtful and educated recommendations for adjusting the outline we provided. He also added visual queues and outtakes to help enhance the EBook appearance overall. His writing was intellectually engaging without coming off as dry or boring. I was extremely impressed with Paul's skills and especially for the value of the finished product. He comes highly recommended. His commitment to product and delivery in spite of our many changes was top class. We would highly recommend Paul's services to any business, whether a small startup or established player.

The fact that he has a background in business and IT played a major role. He delivered on time and provided very good content.

How to Develop High-Concept Book Ideas to Find More Success With Your Writing | Writer's Digest

From analyzing the features we've built - and those we haven't, to helping improve the clarity of the copy and observing where our user experience design was lacking, Paul has opened our eyes by presenting us with a clear and original perspective, which can be easily lost when you're building a new product for months on end. He was always very prompt with his deadlines and received feedback very well. He was also always willing to go above and beyond in all his assignments and take initiative to create additional content he felt fit with the pieces he was asked to create.

How to Make Money Freelance Writing (For Beginners)

Overall Paul was a great addition to our team and I would recommend him for your freelancing needs. We've thrown some difficult assignments from some pretty esoteric markets his way. Each time, he's nailed the research and turned around thoughtful, insightful work.

What do you need?

Your work will enhance the overall site, which all of Global Technology Office will use and enable us to keep to just one site. This is of huge benefits to my team and the organization as a whole. It has helped me explain what we provide to our clients by explaining human psychology in a way that everyday people can comprehend. Paul fitted perfectly into our target demographic and pro-actively suggested documenting his experience investing using SWS. The content Paul produced was well researched, structured and most importantly clearly explained the user experience in a way our target audience could understand.

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  • The Colorful People;

He produced a series of 3 articles which turned out to be very popular with our existing users and helped to generate significant new traffic to the site. Paul was a pleasure to work with and his content produced excellent results. Before I started, I was a little hesitant but now I know who to contact if I need anything content and editing related. It was extremely easy to talk with you and you understood my request perfectly.

Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights
Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights
Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights
Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights
Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights
Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights
Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights
Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights Freelance Writing- Core Skills and Insights

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