Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3)

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On streaming [ Sources had previously told Variety that the show had support within the network, but that it was not seen as a good fit for CBS. The series is described as [ The eight-episode season follows young, successful real estate agents as [ The Writers Guild of America has hit back at Hollywood agents with accusations of collusion following a pair of lawsuits alleging that the guild is abusing its collective bargaining authority. Previous video Next video.

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Close Menu. Variety Intelligence Platform. Variety Mobile Logo. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Login Follow Us. Eddie Watkins. American Crude. Jennifer Esposito Stunt Double. Lee Whittaker. Point Pleasant. Stunt Double, water work. Charlie Brewer. Reno Haley Joel Stunt Double. Nick Plantico. Miss Match.

B.L.A.S.T Stunt training course

Alicia Silverstone Stunt Double. New York Minute. Melissa Stubbs. Taryn Manning Double- Music Video. Mike Smith. Stunts- Fights. Noon Orsattii. Scooby Doo 2. Sarah Michelle Gellar Double. Sarah Michelle Gellar Double In Crowd. The Disciples. Wire Work, Falls, Martial Arts. Jamie Pressly Double, Gym. Forces of Nature.

Stunt Actor, Pratfalls. Cal Johnson. Pratfalls, Chase. Jim Vickers. Cory Everson Stunt Double. Glenn Wilder. Bastard Out of Carolina. Dean Mumford. Anita Barone Double, Falls, Fights. Pat Banta. The New Flipper. Under Water Work with Dolphins. Bobby Foxworth. Family Reunion.

John Zimmerman. The Maddening. Jim Reynolds. Commercial - Shoney's. Granny Stunt Double. Dave Cramer - coordinator. Top Flite Golf Clubs. Featured Extra. GO Films. Signs La Salle Bank. Principal Stunt Actor. Gar Stephens. Battle Fire. Principal, Fights.

Having the teenagers' stunt doubles be taller-than-average men did not make this much less obvious. There's a scene in Simon Sez where an obese monk has to hang onto a railing after falling off a bridge, and he suddenly looks significantly thinner.

What Percentage Of John Wick's Action Scenes Are Actually Keanu Reeves

During the final fight in Raging Phoenix , the actress playing the evil gang leader London is swapped out in several wide shots by a male stuntman wearing a not-very-convincing wig. In the first Back to the Future film, the scenes in which Marty is rammed by Biff's car while he's riding the makeshift skateboard feature a stuntman who is obviously much taller than Michael J. Fox and also has darker hair. In The Addams Family , one part of the Mamushka dance involves juggling knives.

John Wick: Chapter 3's DVD And Blu-Ray Sales Are Really Helping Lionsgate

In the wide shot of them juggling both Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd are replaced by real jugglers, and Raul Julia's double is easier to spot, though both are considerably thinner than the actors they replace. During the final battle between Connor and Duncan in Highlander: Endgame , Connor's katana skills noticeably improve in the wide shots. That's because Christopher Lambert has notoriously poor eyesight in real life, requiring a trained swordsman to stand in for him during much of the duel.

It's rather obvious to spot, as the action shots with the stuntman are way more fluid and naturalistic than the close-ups of Lambert. In The Princess Bride , Buttercup pushes Roberts played by the blonde Cary Elwes down a steep hill, then, after realizing he's really her long lost love Westley, dives after him. We then get a scene of the two tumbling down the hill. At one point, Westley's bandanna comes off and we see his redheaded, bearded stunt double tumble down. In Star Wars , the Imperial officer in charge of the detention center miraculously transmogrifies from a brown-haired middle-aged man into a much older man with a stronger jawline, shorter gray hair and a completely different nose when he gets shot.

We even get two very obvious closeups of the officer first pulling his gun and then getting hit so we can see how much his face has changed between cuts. The substitution was likely due to the fact the death scene required a pyrotechnic in the abdomen to go off, simulating the officer being shot, and actor Malcolm Tierney probably either refused or was not allowed to perform the stunt himself. Another example happens in Return of the Jedi.

Sound designer Ben Burtt appears as an Imperial officer, who gets killed when Han Solo knocks him over a railing. In the closeups, it's obviously Burtt, but for the shot of the officer actually being struck and backflipping over the rail, an older stuntman with a completely different body build is substituted the same stuntman appears as another officer in the background of other scenes.

As the credits end and he turns to the camera, he's gained forty pounds and turned into William Shatner. Live-Action TV. Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch : it is fairly easy to tell the difference between when he is being portrayed by a real cat and when he is being portrayed by a puppet.

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Knight Rider had lots of scenes where David Hasslehoff's stunt double was used, mostly driving scenes but also some brawls. The stunt double's head often had a comically big silhouette due to an afro-like hairstyle. Star Trek: The Original Series The most infamous example might be the fight in " Amok Time ", which featured a stunt double that looked nothing like William Shatner fighting an equally non- Leonard Nimoy -ish stuntman. The fight between Ricardo Montalban 's stuntman and whoever was doubling for Shatner in " Space Seed ".

Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3) Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3)
Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3) Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3)
Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3) Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3)
Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3) Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3)
Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3) Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3)
Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3) Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3)
Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3) Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3)
Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3) Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 3)

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