Embracing Imperfection

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How to Embrace Imperfection as a Writer

Power promotes authenticity and consistency in the self. Get over that constant need. Which Type of Perfectionist Are You? By Ronald E Riggio Ph. Is your perfectionism adaptive or maladaptive? Take the test. What would classical ethics have us say to our children about body image?


Embracing Imperfection – Insight Meditation Center

Want to Change a Habit? Have "The Courage to Be Imperfect! By Preston Ni M. Are you a perfectionist? There's a better way to succeed! No matter where you are in life, you are okay. You cannot fix everything in life—not for others and not for yourself. Are You Good Enough? By Susan Heitler Ph.

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Extend your comfort zone by deciding you needn't be perfect. Diane Barth L. Feel now, think later, for more flowing creativity. Are You Too Clingy?

Embracing Imperfection

Is Your Partner? By Peg Streep A healthy dose of self-compassion can give your motivation a boost. Verified by Psychology Today. Lifetime Connections. There have been a couple of recent stories online that touched on human frailty and imperfection in ways worthy of a little further consideration. One story encouraged readers to revel in their imperfection and come clean about their most embarrassing screw-ups.

Another story raised the question of why we assume that swapping out bad habits for good ones will immediately bring us happiness and fulfillment. We offer encouragement and assume that it is good to sacrifice mouth-watering entrees for a pair of size 4 jeans. It takes more than a BMI of 23 or 21 or 19 to do that!


And once we hang our intentions out for everyone to see, we have created a climate in which failures or slip-ups cause more guilt than they might have otherwise. Human beings sometimes feel driven to push past barriers that they feel have been arbitrarily set in place.

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In fact, it is this drive to go beyond the known that ensures that adolescents gain the skills and the confidence necessary to leave home and strike out on their own. It is also a genetically programmed drive that supposedly served to protect the human race against incest in that it generated the drive to move beyond the family tribe to find a mate.

Embracing Imperfections~ Don & Cynthia Otieno Love Story

And we often feel guilty because of the very human desire to backslide on occasion. There are many individuals who believe that staying close to home, following the rules, avoiding fatty foods, limiting caffeine intake, coloring inside the lines, and working for that perfect body will catapult them into a whole new identity where they wake up with the confidence and high self-esteem that now they only dream of possessing. This is why counseling is recommended for people who are undergoing bariatric surgery for obesity , substantial plastic surgery, or other appearance-related procedures.

Self-esteem is the product of years of interpersonal and intrapersonal feedback looping.

In fact, self-esteem first takes root when we are still infants looking to our caregivers to validate our worth in this world. Self-esteem levels are predicated on our own estimation of how we are being perceived by others.

The Art of Embracing Imperfection (Or How to Become a Better Writer)

It takes multiple interactions with others — or, for some, the mirror — before self-esteem grows. Research shows that negative interactions leave stronger residual feelings than positive interactions; thus, it takes a lot more work to build up low self-esteem than it does to tear it back down. If a person finds themselves repulsive and unlovable for any reason, it takes abundant effort to revise her self-assessment.

In essence, the best way to shore up your self-esteem and get comfortable with your flaws and foibles is to hang out with folks who love you just as you are, yet offer supportive encouragement if you are working to improve your lot in life. If you would like to take part in a new research study designed to explore the relationship between social support and personal happiness, please follow this link:.

Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.

Embracing Imperfection Embracing Imperfection
Embracing Imperfection Embracing Imperfection
Embracing Imperfection Embracing Imperfection
Embracing Imperfection Embracing Imperfection
Embracing Imperfection Embracing Imperfection

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