Bull Halsey: A Biography

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William Frederick Bull Halsey, Jr., Admiral, United States Navy

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Nation Mourns 'bull' Halsey Naval Hero (1959)

Navy Against the Axis. Frank Hough. Thomas C. A constant vigil was maintained until 20 August. Before on 20 August the joint guard of honor was dismissed and the body bearers moved Admiral Halsey's casket to the nave of the cathedral for the funeral service. Among the hundreds of guests who were arriving to attend the service was Fleet Admiral Chester W.

William Bull Halsey: Legendary World War II Admiral

Nimitz, the sole survivor of four fleet admirals appointed to five-star rank during World War II. Admiral Nimitz was the official representative of President Dwight D. Navy Chaplain Capt. John D, Zimmerman then conducted the Protestant Episcopal funeral service. Following the half-hour service, a procession formed to escort Admiral Halsey's body from the cathedral. As the bearers carried the casket out of the north door of the cathedral and through the joint honor cordon lining the steps, the Marine Band, posted across the driveway from the entrance, sounded ruffles and flourishes and began a hymn.

While the hymn was played, the body bearers placed the casket in the hearse, which stood on the driveway. The Halsey family and others of the official funeral party then entered automobiles for the procession to Arlington National Cemetery. On the lawn at Memorial Gate, facing the cortege as it approached on Memorial Drive, was the military escort, which would lead the procession from the gate to the gravesite. Each company had four officers and eighty-five men and was organized with a commander, a guidon bearer, and three platoons.

Each platoon had a commander, a right guide, and three nine-man squads. Also at the gate were the national color detail and the personal flag bearer. In preparation for the transfer of Admiral Halsey's casket at Memorial Gate, the caisson and caisson detail from the 3d Infantry were on the street in front of the military escort, facing south toward the cemetery's Roosevelt Drive. Also in position for the transfer ceremony were the body bearers, who along with the color detail had come from the cathedral by a separate route to reach Memorial Gate ahead of the cortege. When the motorcade reached the gate, vehicles were halted at designated locations by site control personnel.

Cars carrying the special honor guard and clergy were lined along the left side of Memorial Drive.

The others took their places on the right, with the Halsey family cars and those bearing the honorary pallbearers and dignitaries at the front. Diagram 40 After the cortege had halted, the hearse was driven to a position at the left and slightly ahead of the caisson. As the Navy Band sounded ruffles and flourishes and played a hymn, the body bearers removed Admiral Halsey's casket from the hearse, which was then driven away, and secured it on the caisson. After this brief ceremony, the escort commander, Admiral Wilson, led the procession into the cemetery.

The march to the gravesite in Section 2 took a somewhat circular route via Roosevelt, Wilson, and Sheridan Drives. Diagram 41 As the military escort turned onto Wilson Drive and reached a point opposite the terminal circle of McClellan Drive, which lies east of and runs perpendicular to Wilson Drive, the band and right platoon of each escort company broke off from the procession, marched across the grass to McClellan Drive, then on it to a graveside position between Roosevelt and Sheridan Drives. To the right front of the escort's graveside position stood a firing squad from the Navy that had taken this position earlier to fire the traditional three volleys during the burial service.

Bull Halsey: A Biography Bull Halsey: A Biography
Bull Halsey: A Biography Bull Halsey: A Biography
Bull Halsey: A Biography Bull Halsey: A Biography
Bull Halsey: A Biography Bull Halsey: A Biography
Bull Halsey: A Biography Bull Halsey: A Biography
Bull Halsey: A Biography Bull Halsey: A Biography
Bull Halsey: A Biography Bull Halsey: A Biography
Bull Halsey: A Biography Bull Halsey: A Biography
Bull Halsey: A Biography

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